Drawing Charts in DSGE models

Friends in models DSGE, how can we draw two graphs on one axis?

And the second question is, can we change the vertical axis numbers? For example, raised and lowered the number zero on the vertical axis?

I mean combining graphs from dynar output. How can these diagrams be drawn in one diagram?
Do they have a special code?
if you have the code send it to me. Thank

Look through the forum this question has been answered many times. But it goes along the lines of: Plotting.m (1.1 KB)

I searched before asking but did not find an answer. That’s why I asked the question.

What title should I search for and find the same questions you said ??

Thank you

Combining plots for IRFs with Matlab and Q: combining IRFs into subplotted figures & iterating? come to mind

It seems you did not understand myDoc1.pdf (84.3 KB)
question. I mean a diagram like the file I attached.

Look at the file I uploaded before (Plotting.m) which does exactly that. You have to do it in Matlab. The goal is to run your different Dynare models, save them, and then plot the results however you want in Dynare.
Isn’t this exactly what is shown in the plot of Doc1.pdf?

Thank you. Yes, I saw the PDF, but it is not clear to me because I have not drawn such diagrams so far and I do not know how to work with the code of these diagrams.