General DSGE Modeling

The place for general questions about DSGE modeling not directly related to Dynare

Stochastic simulations

Questions related to stochastic simulations, both perturbation based (stoch_simul) and stochastic extended path

Steady state

Questions about the steady state of DSGE models (issues with numerical fixed point routines, or with closed form expressions provided through a steady state file or the steady state model block).

Optimal Policy

Questions regarding optimal policy (Ramsey, discretionary policy, optimal simple rules (OSR))


Questions related ot Dynare’s identification and dynare_sensitivity (GSA) commands, including irf_calibration.

Perfect foresight simulations

Questions related to perfect foresight simulations (simul, perfect_foresight_solver, extended_path)


All questions related to the estimation of DSGE models

Dynare contributions and examples

For contributing code expanding Dynare and examples of models running under Dynare.

Dynare help (legacy posts)

This is a legacy category, inherited from our previous forum which is now closed. We imported here all the posts that were available in the category “Dynare help”. Please use other, more expressive categories.


General information about Dynare and DSGE models related events announcement (read only).


Questions related to the Structural Bayesian Vector Autoregression (SBVAR) and the Markov Switching Structural Bayesian Vector Autoregression (MS-SBVAR) implementations in Dynare


Questions related to Dynare++


Questions related to Dynare’s macro language

Extended Path

All post regarding the extended path and stochastic extended path algorithm in Dynare belong here.


Questions related to the dseries/data/reporting submodules

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Dynare v4 (legacy)

As Dynare 4 is now the main version, this forum is now closed.


Questions and suggestions related to the documentation (Manual, User Guide, etc.)