Warning: matrix singular to working precision new case

Hi all,
It’s my first time with Dynare and model estimation. I have seen this topic already, however none of the answers helped me with my estimation. After running the estimation I have an issue with matrix singular to working precision. The estimation finishes, however, the results don’t seem to be correct. I’m running estimation again today with different mh_jscale, hopefully that will change something.

I’m a complete beginner if it’s about DSGE so if anyone found a moment to have a look over my issue and try explain me why the estimation didn’t fully worked, I would be extremaly grateful. All the files in the attachements :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

All the best,

NK_open_estimation.mod (8.0 KB) NK_open_estimation.log (34.6 KB)

You should investigate the mode_check-plots.