Residuals differents to zero

Hi, I’ve built my code on Dynare but I’ve some problems with the residuals, more of this are differents to zero. Could you help to understand where is the error???
the official paper of my model is this
GertlerKaradi2011.pdf (527.1 KB)
I’ve used this appendix to wrote the code:
foerster_appendix2015.pdf (180.4 KB)
and this is my code
codice2.mod (6.3 KB)

You need to put


after initval, not before. Then focus on the equations with residuals.

Thank you so much!!! Now, only one equation have residual different to zero. This the equation number 5 (bettar(Lambda(+1)/Infl(+1))=1;), could you help to find the error ??

You need to look at the residuals before calling steady.

Equation number 29: G      :       0.030193
Equation number 30: Y      :      -0.030193
Equation number 31: 31     :       1.000000

Your Taylor rule


should for example be