Problem of Bayesian estimation for a DSGE model

Dear all

Thank you for paying attention to my posting. I came into a strange problem when I tried to estimate a DSGE model with Bayesian estimation method. I first calibrate the model and the results for the calibrated model seem okay. So then I used this model and the same parameters to do the Bayesian estimation, specifically, I set the initial values in the estimation part equal to the parameter values in the calibrated model. But a strange problem just came—Dynare was repeatedly outputting a set of graphs for the prior distributions of parameters while without doing the estimation or giving any error message.

My mod.file and dataset are attached. I am new to Dynare and really looking forward to some help. Any suggestion will be quite appreciated!

(I use dynare 4.4.2)
housing_seven_shocks1.xls (93.5 KB)
housing_seven_shocks2.mod (9.18 KB)

Typically, this happens when you name your data file the same way as an already existing mod-file.

Professor Pfeifer

Thank you so much for your suggestion! It works now!