Problem in import xls data

I’m trying to run smets and wouters code for their 2007 paper. But it seems there are problems in read the data file.
Error using cell.strmatch at 21
requires character array or cell array of strings as inputs.
error in read_variables at 74

Anyone could help me out?
Thank you very much !!!
usmodel_stst.mod (966 Bytes)
usmodel.mod (11.7 KB)
usmodel_data.xls (191 KB)

If you try to read in the data from the Excel-file you must specify the cell range in this file (only the part with observables at the end). Consult the Dynare manual for the syntax. As far as I know, there is also a file called usmodel_data.mat that only contains the required variables. Use this instead with the same mod-file and it should work without bothering about xls_range etc…