Oscilating or alternating IRFs

Hi everyone,

Have you ever come across such IRFs that oscilate or alternate around the steady state(zero) before finally converging? Does it mean the model is unstable or sth? I am concerned about such kind of IRFs. I don’t know how to interpret it or how it comes into being . Could anyone kindly help? Many thanks in advance.

This has also happened to me before. In fact it vanished because I have found a mistake in my model. Perhaps you should first check your model equations.

It means that there is a complex eigenvalue leading to oscillations. Usually, when people have this problem in the forum, it comes from them ignoring the Dynare timing convention and then torturing the timing until the BK conditions are satisfied. When doing so, the correct economic timing is ignored and oscillating IRFs result.

I’ve done it.Thank you all guys.

Hi, Johannes

I have the same problem.

I proposed a very simple model. a Borrower and Saver model + durable and non-durable goods. Borrower borrows, loan rate depends on durable goods. capital is used in the production of non-durable goods, capital is owned by Saver. Very standard setout.

when I exclude capital, the model works, but when I include the capital, the irfs starts to oscillate.

Pls see attached. Could you pls help me on this. Thanks a lot. BEK.mod (5.1 KB)

Usually, there is a timing error somewhere. I can only recommend working with a simpler model for debugging.