Unusual results and figures

Hi, pls help me with this models. can I consider it right or it shows some sort of problems?
last.mod (3.5 KB)

No your IRFs are wrong. This may be due to a timing problem.

Yes, see Oscilating or alternating IRFs

Thank you.

Thank you, but I do not have any timing issues, what else can cause this problem?

For instance, the timing of capital in your production fucntion or in the capital acumulation equation does not respect the dynare convention. Since capital is a predetermind variable, you should change the timing.

check section 3.5.4 of Dynare user guide: http://www.sfu.ca/~kkasa/UserGuide

Thank you so much.

@alchi49 That’s not true. Due to

predetermined_variables M, K;

@aliyeftn Even if you are unaware of it, it’s most often a timing problem. But sometimes there is a problem with parameters, e.g. in debt feedback rules.

Thanks a lot.

should I set “B” predetermined too?

You are the only person who even knows what B is.


For people who might see it later:
I replaced the autoregression equation for one variable with autoregression equation for another one and my problem solved.