MS-SVAR, problems

I’m trying to run the code for ms-sbvar with Dynare unstable, but as soon as I do it, I get this error message back:

??? Error using ==> cell.strmatch at 21
Requires character array or cell array of strings as inputs.

Error in ==> read_variables at 74
iv = strmatch(var_names_01(:,dyn_i_01),raw(:,1),‘exact’);

Error in ==> ms_sbvar_setup at 43 = read_variables(options_.datafile, …

Error in ==> test1 at 72

I think that this problem is related to the inputs I gave about the datafile, the names of the variables etc…but I’m not able to solve it on my own. Could you give me any suggestions?
Thanks a lot!

Please post a .mod file that reproduces the error.


Actually I’m using directly the matlab mfiles, as DH10.mod (the example) seems not to work (the system keeps on saying that the equations are not specified, even if there should not be a specification in a VAR)…
I wrote another thread about the problem with the mod file (DH10.mod).
I’m literally going mad with this…

Hello, I had no problems running DH10 with the associated datafile found on the wiki page. Are you using a recent dynare-unstable snapshot?

I don’t know how to use it…I’m a newbie…