Learn and to code on dynare

hello, i am new here i would like to learn how to code on dynare through matlab, i.e. how to repsect the syntax, and write equations on dynare please

A good starting point may be

Please Professor I would like to remove the financial accelerator from my DSGE model to compare it with the model with the financial accelerator but I don’t know how to remove the financial accelerator from this model.

Course in French Also ?

No, only in Englisch. @sebastien may know if there is some French material around.

Thank you

Hello, I try to turn off the financial accelerators by setting the parameters that link them to zero however when I do my impulse responses whether it is with or without financial frictions they are the same impulse responses.
Can you give me a hand please.
I am attaching my mod file with financial frictions.
fondamental.mod (3.7 KB)

Do you keep the other parameters fixed? Or is the steady state then different?

I keep the other parameters fixed I just modify the parameters of the collateral constraint and the risk premium to cancel their equations however it gives me the same irfs as if it was a model with financial frictions and in addition I have nan in the theoretical moments

Then please provide both versions.

The versions are :
fondamentalff.mod (3.7 KB)
fondamentalsansff.mod (3.7 KB)

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Unfortunately I’m not aware of any Dynare material in French.