Financial accelerator

Hello, I try to turn off the financial accelerators by setting the parameters that link them to zero however when I do my impulse responses whether it is with or without financial frictions they are the same impulse responses.
Can you give me a hand please.
I am attaching my mod file with financial frictions.
fondamental.mod (3.7 KB)

You need to provide more details. How can I see that?

In fact, I want to show that the contribution of financial frictions in my DSGE model of the CEMAC allows me to have a better information on the macroeconomic variables which are the production, the consumption, the investment and the interest rate. Therefore, I wanted to make a DSGE model with financial frictions and a DSGE model without frictions, I simply set the parameter that represents the risk premium for external financing to 0 to cancel its equation and then I set the omicron parameter to 1 to cancel the collateral constraint and I did not touch the other parameters I left them at their values as if they were with financial frictions. I send you the two mod files one with financial frictions and the other without financial frictions.
Model without ff.mod (3.7 KB)
Model with ff.mod (3.7 KB)

In the model without financial frictions, the parameter representing the risk premium is set to zero, it is written as el=0 to cancel the risk premium equation and the omicron parameter is set to 1 to cancel the collateral constraint equation

You should check your implementation. It seems changing the two parameters does not do anything in your model. You should try to find out why.

Okay, and please sir, could you tell me how to represent two irfs of two DSGE models with and without financial accelerator in the same graph, I want to look at the amplitudes of the irfs, if they are also the same. Thanks

Could you show me the method for plotting the IRFs of two different models, one with financial frictions and the other without financial frictions on the same variable against the same shock on the same graph please

Have a look at

Thank pr jpfeifer.