Ireland (2004) Data Set

I’m trying to find a working file with the dataset used in Ireland(2004) - A method to take models to the data.

I went to the site of the author, and the file data.wk4 seems to be corrupted/not recognized by excel.

I went to the github files of Johannes Pfeifer, and the file gpr.dat seems a bit odd… It only has 3 columns, when the paper used 5 time-series for consumption, investment, output, population, and hours worked.

Hi, It’s a Lotus spreadsheet file (I do not know if this IBM software is still around). I opened the file with LibreOffice and saved it in an xlsx file.

data.xlsx (24.3 KB)


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@Anoldmaninthesea The file on my homepage is not for the paper you are looking for, but for Peter Ireland (2004): Technology shocks in the New Keynesian Model

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