In need of example difficult to solve models

i am interested in collecting example models with difficult to obtain steady states.
i would appreciate receiving any example model files you could supply.
models which stump the code i posted (dynareFindSteadyState) would be most welcome as
1)they will help me improve the existing code
2)in addition, i am currently developing an alternative solution methodology that i expect will be more robust

Hey mathwiz,

I have been just browsing through the forum looking for example codes with solution methods for steady states, as I am looking for a way to find the steady state for my model. Do you by any chance have any examples which would provide some insight on how to compute the steady states.


Hey Mathwiz,

I am currently trying to solve GHH (1988) model in dynare and I am really struggling to get the right steady state values for convergence. Perhaps you could help me? Attached is the mod file I have been working on, the GHH pdf with all the relevant description of the model. Attached is another example of rbc model which does work and uses the same routine to what I am trying to do. Thank you again.

rbc_simple.mod (2.44 KB)
GHH pdf.pdf (289 KB)
GHH.mod (1.77 KB)

Thanks for the post.
I’ll take a look at the model this week or next.

Hi, I also have a difficult model to get the steady state.
I not so sure whether this is due to my ignorance of Dynare or not.
But model itself is very complex.

Could you give me any comment on this?

Many thanks in advance.

ver01.mod (12.6 KB)