How to enter steady state within the model-part of dynare?


I am a dynare beginner and I am currently working on implementing this rather simple RBC-model with government spending in dynare. Please see the attached .pdf for the model structure.

I am not sure how to enter the steady state level of output Y, here called Y_ss, into the model part of dynare as Y itself depends on it. The calculated steady state within dynare should coincide with Y_ss, which I previously declared as a local model-variable. If I set Y_ss to 1/gy=5, derived from the steady state of G, dynare however calculates the steady state of Y as something different. How can I enter such a dependency of Y and its steady state value? (Please see the attached .mod file)RBC.pdf (86.3 KB)

RBC.mod (630 Bytes)

I would be gratuful for any advice. Thanks in advance!

  1. See the Dynare manual on the STEADY_STATE-operator, i.e. use STEADY_STATE(y).
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Thank you very much!