Dynare on mac ios 14.1

Hi everyone, I’m trying to download dynare on my macbook ( ios 11.4) and I just can’t because it fails every time. It says that the reason for the failure is because of the software. Can you help me please?

I did the download form the website: dynare.org

Please provide the install.log-file.

Hey, thanks for the answer! How can I provide it? Is it the matlab or octave?
Thanks in advance

See e.g.

Of course, you version may be different.

Hi Jpfeifer.

Thanks for the reply. I just attached the install.log file in this answer.

Thank you for you help!
install.log (215.6 KB)

There is a problem with gcc:

Error: gcc 11.1.0_1 is already installed
To install 9.2.0_2, first run:
  brew unlink gcc

You may want to install the program without gcc.

Thanks for the reply!

How can I do it?

You must adjust the type of installation and unselect the compiler.

It worked. Thanks for the help