Dynare crash after estimation, then not work anymore

Dear all, I have this error, something happened after making an estimation, the computer got hung up, after that dynare don’t work anymore, I tried everything, I even uninstalled and reinstalled Matlab but the problem remains, any solution?

dynare shadow_open_es
Using 64-bit preprocessor
Starting Dynare (version 4.6.2).
Calling Dynare with arguments: none
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
Found 85 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions…done
Computing static model derivatives (order 1).
Computing dynamic model derivatives (order 2).
Processing outputs …
Preprocessing completed.

Error using shadow_open_es.driver
Error: File: driver.m Line: 1015 Column: 1
Unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket.

Error in dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

Please provide the mod-file.

shadow_open_es.mod (16.2 KB) paraguay.xlsx (21.6 KB)

Here is the mod file and the data, but this is for all dynare mod files, not just this one

the mod-file contains an error, it was my mistake, but I already discovered the original problem, I had a problem in the configuration of my pc, which prevented the matlab from working properly, the solution was the same that was put in this post