Error in dynare (line 293) evalin('base',[fname '.driver']) ;

Hi their, I’m running an 4.6.1 dynare on R2020a matlab on windows 10 pc. I’m new with the software and I’ve been trying to do some really basic Ramsey models but the same error keeps popping up.

dynare LOGLIN.mod
Using 64-bit preprocessor
Starting Dynare (version 4.6.1).
Calling Dynare with arguments: none
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
Found 6 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions…done
Computing static model derivatives (order 1).
Computing dynamic model derivatives (order 1).
Processing outputs …
Preprocessing completed.

Unable to resolve the name LOGLIN.driver.

Error in dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

I even tried running one of the examples that the program brings and the same error pop up. I don’t know what may be wrong.

When I download an early version of the program to see if that helped 4.5.7 and a similar error occur but it said I reaserch and found this post Error! evalin('base',fname) ;. I tried many of the solutions: chaging the directory, restaling dynare( I even renstal matlab), nothing has work.

I will really appreciate any help.

LOGLIN.mod (1.2 KB)

You can see at that this most probably a problem with your path. What happens if you type

which LOGLIN.mod