Dynare 4.6.4 - installation failed

Hi Dynare Forum,

I’m having troubles installing Dynare on my macOS Big Sur 11.2.3. I’m getting the message in the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 9.06.52 AM|615x443

I’ve seen similar post in the forum but I couldn’t implement the solution that were given to them. I’m attaching the install.log file as well.

Thanks for all the help!
install.log (212.5 KB)

Did you try


Hi @jpfeifer I managed to make it work following this very useful post: Dynare installation fails with MacOs Catalina and Matlab_R2020a - #20 by mricci87


I am not able to install Dynare, I have tried previously adviced solutions, but none of them worked. Same error message as other have been receiving, that I should contact the software manufacturer. Could someone please help me ?
Thank you in advance.
install.log (255.7 KB)