Confusion of the transmission mechanism

Hi everyone!
I get a dynare code of two country model of Eurozone.
And when I adding a positive shock to foreign interest rate R_s. I feel confused about the transmission mechanism in the IRF (showed as follows).

In my opinion, the investment of housing(i_chi), housing(chi) , investment(l), interest rate of loans(R_L) and consumption(c) in home country will become worsen and the counterpart of foreign country will increase, but the result was the opposite of what I thought.
I guess the reason is that Eurozone without the function of exchange rate, so I try to add exchange rate(e) between intermedia firms and final good firms, but nothing changed, maybe I use a wrong way to add real exchange rate.
Could anyone tell me how to add the real exchange rate correctly? I am a green hand in dynare, so I don’t know how to find a nice way to edit the code.
Thanks for any advice!

Here is the code:
macropru_euro.mod (24.0 KB)
macropru_euro_steadystate.m (9.1 KB)
solve_l_rk.m (1.6 KB)
Those functions whit the sign “%【added】” is edited by me (add the variable e) .

Here is the way of introducing real exchange rate what I refer:
chapter_6(orginal).pdf (481.5 KB)

Thank you very much!

It’s never a good idea to start from a big model. It makes it impossible to debug and understand what is going. There are 189 variables in your model.