Accelerating Dynare, up to 10x, with SilverBullet

Hello everybody

First of all, thanks a lot to the creators of Dynare: it is a truly amazing tool

Then, my contribution: I think I’ve found a pretty straightforward way to accelerate the estimation of big DSGE models using Dynare

It reduces the use of global variables, just like dynare 4 is trying to do, but through a much simpler approach (it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to add this trick to dynare 3)

For a model with 84 equations and 102 global parameters, it is reducing estimation time by a factor of nearly 10 (from 22.3 hours to 2.3 hours)

See the pdf for an explanation of the process, and the xls for a macro that does the trick automatically
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SilverBullet.xls (49.5 KB)
AcceleratingDynareWithSilverBullet.pdf (112 KB)

Thanks I will look at it. Efforts should be now devoted to accelerate version 4.