hi, when I use the occbin toolbox to solve ZLB, my model is a simple NK model, the model is set to linear, so that my steady state value is 0, and the impact of the variables in the previous periods are 0. I think something is wrong, but I dont know where can I modify? What should I do? I see that the code provided by the author is non-linear, so adding a steady state value can draw a normal graph.
Many thanks.

What exactly is your problem?

Deer jpfeifer:
like this image, the shock of all variables starts at 0. I referenced the occbin source code,the graph code is “plot(BETA*(ut_p+ut_ss),‘k’)”, author added steady state value, So his graph like image . But my model is linear, so the steady state value is zero.
Above all, I don’t know how to explain my graphics, I think something is wrong in my code. Maybe I have not understood the code.
Many thanks.

There is nothing wrong. It is just a matter of expressing the same IRF differently. Also, for a linearized model, you need to know the steady state.