X13 binary warning after fresh install of Dynare

I’ve just installed Dynare 5.1 according to the instructions on the quick start page for using Octave on macOS (Big Sur 11.6.8). On running the example mod file, I was given the model estimation after the following warning:

warning: X13 binary is not available.
If you are under Debian or Ubuntu, you can install it through your package manager, with ‘apt install x13as’.
If you are under Windows or macOS, this probably means that you did not install the dseries toolbox through an official package.

I then manually downloaded the dseries toolbox to “~/.local/share/octave/api-v57/packages” using wget, and running “initialize_dseries_class” in Octave (per the dseries README) yielded the same error.

How can I ensure X13 is properly installed and available to Dynare?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. In case it matters at all, I noted a slight discrepancy between the filepath given in the instructions accompanying the Homebrew package (“addpath /usr/local/opt/dynare/lib/dynare/matlab”) and those on the quick start page (“addpath /usr/local/lib/dynare/matlab”). The latter appeared to be a symlink, so I followed the Homebrew instructions.

@wmutschl Can you have a look?

It looks like the x13as binary is not in the PATH available to Octave. I had a similar issue with MATLAB and there are different ways to solve this:

ALTERNATIVELY as you seem familiar with installing packages from homebrew, you can try out the updated installation instructions to compile Dynare from source which works both for MATLAB and Octave (see the macos section in the README):

Thank you, @wmutschl! I merely followed the subset of instructions in the second link you shared (for compiling Dynare from source for macOS) under the heading “Compile and install the X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program” and no changes to the PATH variable were needed, the example mod file worked just fine. I think my setup simply lacked x13as, since it was not included in the Homebrew package and not mentioned on the quick start page.