Writing a constraint

Hello, this is my constraint and slackness condition, how do I write in dynare to capture it?

constraint : Lₑ[0] = min(Lₑ[0], mₕ*(q[1]Hₑ[0])/(Rₑ[0]) - mₙ(wₕ[0]nₕ[0]))
slackness : (mₕ
(q[1]Hₑ[0])/(Rₑ[0]) - mₙ(wₕ[0]*nₕ[0]) - Lₑ[0]) * λₑ[0]=0

  1. constraint : d[0] = min(d[0], γ * (Lₑ[0]- ξₕ[1]))
    slackness : (γ * (Lₑ[0]- ξₕ[1])- d[0]) * λᵦ[0]=0

This question is too unspecific for other people to answer it. Where exactly is the problem in implementing the constraints?

You have witten your constraint in a theoritical form.
You can not enter a constraint in this form in Dynare file.

You can optimize the problem and derive the optimization output. After this step you can write it in Dynare file.

Okay. thank you

can you show how to do it, i tried but did not succeed

You did not write your equations and constraints in a clear form and another issue is that this optimization depends to your model and your objectives.