Why does the length of oo_.steady_state not match oo_.var_list?

Good evening,

I am wondering what exactly is stored in oo_.steady_state and how the order is determined.
Especially I am confused because oo_.var_list has two fewer elements.
The remaining entries in var_list seem to match the numbers in steady-state, but why the difference?

Thank you very much for any help =)

Maybe you can find some help in the manual.

You can find the answer in the manual:

MATLAB/Octave variable: oo_.steady_state
Contains the computed steady state. Endogenous variables are ordered in the order of declaration used in the var command (which is also the order used in M_.endo_names).

In contrast, you may specify your own var_list with fewer entries.

Dear Professor Pfeifer,

that solves it, thank you very much for your help!

Many greetings and thank you very much!