Why can't I use endogenous variables for calculations after the simulation?

EcAmbientalRegional09nov.mod (5.1 KB)

I used to run perfect foresight simulation and mention simulated results for endogenous variables directly to compute welfare measures. I recently updated my Matlab to 2021a and dynare to 6.1 version. When I was trying to re-run previous routines that uses these welfare calculations I’m getting the error message

“Unrecognized function or variable ‘T’.”

I also noticed that vectors for each endogenous variables paths are not being created anymore (the reason for that error).
The question is: How can I create an individual vectors for all endogenous variables? I know that I can use the declaration order and the results presented in oo_->endo_simul, but there is a way make calculations mentioning endogenous variables directly?




Thank you!