Which Octave external packages are required for Dynare?

I would like to install Octave and Dynare on a web server running Ubuntu 12.02 that will serve as the back end of a macro modeling web application. For now, there are size constraints on the server, so it would be better to have as small of an installation of Octave as possible.

Here is the full list of dependencies for building Octave from source:

gnu.org/software/octave/doc … l-Packages

My question is, which of these are actually required by Dynare? Octave will not be used for anything on the server besides running Dynare, and it would be good to not install any extra packages.

See the manual on installing dynare for octave.

I wouldn’t attempt to recompile Octave from source and use provided the package by Ubuntu. If your server doesn’t have disk space large enough to install the package, it is simply not suited for your purpose. It would be very difficult to build a mini-Octave only fit for Dynare as you are considering.