Where is the irf stored?

I read the blog and found that the irf are stored in the oo_.irf. However, this file does not appear in the outcome of the model under Matlab R2008a. I have some files as follows:model_IRF_e_c1.eps and one file model_results.mat. I used the command load to try to load the oo_irf file as recommended by proj JPfeifer but no success. Though my code has run successfully and I need to retrieve those figures for analysis and comparison issue.

Actually, oo_ is not a file, but a structure, i.e. a variable, that you can find in the Matlab-workspace (the memory if you will) after you ran your Dynare code. You can also find it in the workspace if you load the _results.mat file.

Hi Prof Pfeifer,

I do not get the oo_.irfs even after loading the results. Without this, how do I plot the IRFs from two separate simulations?

Without any codes, it is impossible to tell what is going on.