Where is output stored?

I’m having some confusion about where certain results are stored.

The computed steady state values are supposed to be stored in oo_.steady_state but this is apparently not the case. Instead, oo_.steady_state has the initial values. I think the computed steady state values are in oo_.dr.ys but I’m not completely sure about this.

Where are the computed (analytical) variances stored? I’m assuming that oo_.var stores simulated variances though I’m again not entirely sure about this.

It all depends on your mod file, but in most cases it is stored in oo_.dr.ys.

oo_.dr.ys will exist for stochastic models where decision rules (dr) have been computed. It is the steady state at which the decision rules were computed. In contrast oo_.steady_state will be used for e.g. deterministic models and may indeed contain initial values if no steady-command was used.