What is the advantage of exponential nonlinear equation

Dear Professor Jpfeifer,
When I see some dynare codes written by others, I have found that they like to transform the original nonlinear equations into exponential forms. May I ask what is the advantage of this?

For example,

exp(y)=exp(A+alpha*(ksi+k(-1))+(1-alpha)*h); and in steady_state_block


To get an interpretation in percent. See e.g. Question about understanding irfs in dynare - #4 by jpfeifer

Professor Jpfeifer, thank you so much for telling me about this! This is very important for me!

@jpfeifer And Professor Jpfeifer, is exp() useful for solving the problem of unsatisfaction of BK condition, may I ask?

No, a consistent exp()-substitution will not alter the BK conditions.