What is C. L. K. Y. w. etc mean

RBC.mod (1.49 KB)
this is RBC.mod.
C1 = (C./Cstar-1)*100;
L1 = (L./Lstar-1)*100;
K1 = (K./Kstar-1)*100;
Y1 = (Y./Ystar-1)*100;
w1 = (w./wstar-1)*100;
r1 = (r-rstar)*100;
A1 = (A./Astar-1)*100;
I1 = ((Y-C)./(Ystar-Cstar)-1)*100;
but i do not know
C. L. K. Y. w. etc. 's meaning.

Then where did you get the file from? Take a look at e.g. the McCandless textbook “The ABC of RBCs”