Warning in test_for_deep_parameters_cal

Dear , professor I meet a mistake when I run a model. The error is: " test_for_deep_parameters_calibration". Please help me~
Linear_model.mod (7.8 KB)

It’s not an error, just a warning. You have a bunch of declared parameters that are not used at all.

1.Sorry my computer is malfunctioning, that’s why so many topics are established. Please help me delete these redundant topics.
2.But my model cannot be solved, How can I fixed it?

  1. I split the topic as it was unrelated to the original one.
  2. What exactly does the error message say? I cannot read it.

Incorrect use of warning
The message identifier must be followed by a message in the form of a character vector or string scalar.
Error test_for_deep_parameters_calibration (line 46)
Error steady (line 33)
Error Linear_model.driver (line 705)
Error dynare (line 278)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]);
Error find_guess_from_dynare (line 32)
dynare Linear_model.mod noclearall
Error Time_iteration (line 29)
Error compute_policy_functions (line 13)
[ PF,dPF,Parameters,tasks ]=Time_iteration([],Parameters,[],tasks,pdf,zlb);

Dear professor I am trying to replicate the GK2019 model. If I just run the Linear_model.mod, It will work. But if I If I invoke the result of the mod, it will get an error .

Without access to the full pipeline of files run it is impossible to tell what is going on. But potentially, there is a version conflict between Dynare versions.