Very Polite and Non-Urgent Dynare++ request

Dear Ondra & Co.

If my understanding is correct, the latest Dynare++ binaries currently available for download (v.1.3.6 at the time of writing this post) when used with default options, imply that all simulation-based results are wrong (at least if the change-log of v.1.3.7 is to be trusted). While newer and corrected source files are available for download via svn, the compilation process - particularly when done by relative computer illiterati such as myself - could introduce bugs / unpredictable behavior.

While there are a few allegedly corrected .exe files floating around, it’s not clear who created them (and how exactly). I was therefore wondering whether you Guys could perhaps consider posting updated binaries on the site? If nothing else, that would give users like me some added piece of mind (and if you can only do one, please help those of us unfortunate enough to be stuck with windows on their work PCs :wink:).

I understand you’re all busy and this is free software, so please don’t take this the wrong way.

Thanks in advance for your help

p.s. Of course, if any of the above is factually incorrect then please let me know as well. Thx.