Variance Decomposition command


May I ask a question about the variance decomposition. After reading the manual and several posts, I am learning how to do it in dynare. Specifically, how to write the command in the programme.
Here is the command I wrote,
ms_variance_decomposition(file_tag =mod_file, output_file_tag =tag_file, simulation_file_tag =sim_file_tag, horizon =12, no_error_bands, shock_draws =10000, shocks_per_parameter =10 , thinning_factor =1, free_parameters = [0.5127,0.6799, 0.3041,1.0732,0.5017,0.7911,0.5137,0.7413,0.9988,0.9906,0.9179,0.9497], parameter_uncertainty, regimes);
However, I got an error,
MS-SBVAR Variance Decomposition
Error using set_ms_estimation_file (line 39)
ERROR: Could not find free parameter file: est_free_mod_file.out

Error in ms_variance_decomposition (line 36)
[options_, oo_] = set_ms_estimation_file(, options_, oo_);

Error in sme_estimation (line 521)
[options_, oo_] = ms_variance_decomposition(M_, options_, oo_);

Error in dynare (line 180)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

It seems the problem is related to the ‘free parameter’ option. So could anyone help me to correct the mistakes I have in the command above.

Many thanks

mydata.mat (5.3 KB)

sme_estimation.mod (7.0 KB)

ms_variance_decomposition is for Markov-switching BVARs, not DSGE models.

Thanks for replying in the late evening.

Does it mean that for DSGE model, we only need to do conditional forecast error variance decomposition?


What else do you need? The unconditional one should always be provided by Dynare when you request theoretical moments.

I see. The unconditional one is reported just before the conditional one, right?

Yes, that is correct.

Thank you very much!