Var exo and loss function

Good mornin . I find some problems in the modefile that I work with"A New Keynesian Model of the Armenian Economy" prepared by Ashot Mkrtchyan, Era Dabla-Norris, and Ara Stepanyan 2009, but I add some modifications using the model of (svensson,2000) to compare the welfare of different monetary policy regimes. I think also that I have some mistakes in the loss function.Can you tell me what is wrong please .Thank you very much

The error message is :
Starting Dynare (version 4.3.2).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
ERROR: NK_GM052C.mod:54.1-6: syntax error, unexpected VAREXO

??? Error using ==> dynare at 114
DYNARE: preprocessing failed
NK_GM052C.mod (6.31 KB)

Because you are systematically missing semicolons after the lines. If you get an error like

it means that there is a problen in line 54, column1 to 6. If column1 1 is affected, it typically means that there is an issue at the end of the previous line. This is a limitation of the preprocessor that cannot be avoided. Thus, if the first column appears, check the end of the previous nonempty line.