Using unstable version of dynare


I am trying to run the attached mod file using dynare unstable version 4.7. But I keep getting the error
Error using dates
Cannot redefine class ‘dates’ without a call to ‘clear classes’.

Error in default_option_values (line 350)
options_.dataset.firstobs = dates();

Error in global_initialization (line 121)
options_ = default_option_values(M_);

Error in demon_2019.driver (line 24)

Error in dynare (line 280)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;"

Dont know how to overcome this problem. Can someone help.

dem_steve_2019.mod (6.4 KB)

Hi Steve,

My guess is that you have two versions of the dseries toolbox in your MATLAB path.

Did you verify that your MATLAB path is clean and does not contain older versions of Dynare and/or dseries?


Hi there,

I have the same exact problem only using the stable version of Dynare. I have deleted the previous version of Dynare and reinstalled the latest version 4.6.1. I did the re-installation 4 different times. Every time I try to install the full version including the “use_dll” option, the installer crashes and says “contact software developer”. When I install Dynare without “GCC_use_dll”, I get the class date issue.

I have cleared all non-Matlab2020 paths multiple times, once for each re-installation. The regular Matlab files work perfectly fine, but all .mod files get stuck right after the preprocessing stage.

Any other reasons why this keeps happening? I’m using Matlab2020a on macOS Catalina 10.15.5.

Oh and by the way, after installing Dynare 4.6.1, uninstalling it, and installing the older version of Dynare (e.g. 4.5.4), the same error appears only this time as a warning without crashing the code. Naturally, the paths are cleared and the path is set to 4.5.4 version of Dynare only.


@HoutanBastani This sounds weird. Do you have any idea?

Hi @jd1090,

I guess there are two issues here:

  1. The installation issue
    Delete the /Applications/Dynare folder and then try the full installation again. When it fails, it should create a log file in /Applications/Dynare/<<version>>/install.log (or something like that, don’t quite remember the name). Please post that file.

  2. The dates issue
    Delete the /Applications/Dynare folder and install Dynare 4.5.7. Open Matlab, add the path to the matlab folder as usual. Run dynare
    on a .mod. When you run into the error, post the .mod file here. Please also post the output from the Matlab run as well as the output of running path.

@jpfeifer I won’t be able to do any checks beyond looking at the files @jd1090 posts because I no longer have Matlab, but perhaps what he posts will give us some clues…

Apologies for the delay in response. I’m afraid the cause of the warnings being displayed came from the fact that the deleted Dynare 4.6.1 files were not removed from “trash” (i.e. recycle bin on PC). Once removed, the warnings disappeared. The bottom line is, it was not enough to remove the files from the directory and to delete the paths, but they also had to be wiped out of my Mac completely. That or I missed something else entirely, but the issue is now resolved.