Using unstable version of dynare


I am trying to run the attached mod file using dynare unstable version 4.7. But I keep getting the error
Error using dates
Cannot redefine class ‘dates’ without a call to ‘clear classes’.

Error in default_option_values (line 350)
options_.dataset.firstobs = dates();

Error in global_initialization (line 121)
options_ = default_option_values(M_);

Error in demon_2019.driver (line 24)

Error in dynare (line 280)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;"

Dont know how to overcome this problem. Can someone help.

dem_steve_2019.mod (6.4 KB)

Hi Steve,

My guess is that you have two versions of the dseries toolbox in your MATLAB path.

Did you verify that your MATLAB path is clean and does not contain older versions of Dynare and/or dseries?