Use 'if conditional' within model section

Hello, I am a beginner user but I am getting acquainted of dynare since 3 months. I am handling a DSGE model and I am getting results by using different combinations of parameters, eta and sigma…so, that’s not a problem because i made a loop to catch everything what i need for that bunch of combinations. but i realized that when eta and sig are equal to 1 my model is diferent than when they are not equal…so i am wondering how i may perform a conditional statement, in order to estimate the model for all combinations at the same time…and don’t have the need to estimate apart by sub-combination of parameters. I hope I have been able to make me understand, and in advance thanks a lot.


What you need to use for your purpose is the macro-processor. Have a look at the “macroprocessor.pdf” file that comes with Dynare distribution, or alternatively to the section of the reference manual dedicated to this topic.