Urgent- Steady State file for example in Dynare user guide

On page 24 (Chapter 3) of the dynare user guide (written by Tommaso Mancini Griffoli, 2007-2008) the author stated that the steady state file corresponding to the example in the chapter will be added shortly. However, the steady state file was not added (I have attached the user guide).

Is it possible for you to please send me the steady state file for the example in chapter 3 of the user guide. I have been trying to solve the model using a separate steady state file for a few weeks now but I am not getting it to work.

PLEASE help me.

I have the same question, does anyone know about it? Thank you very much!

The guide document has given a example about this “NK_baseline_steadystate.m”. However, what’s the relationship between this document and the “NK_baseline.mod” ?

Unfortunately, the user guide is outdated. We usually recommend steady_state_model blocks. The NK_baseline_steady_state.m is the steady state file belonging to the NK_baseline.mod

Then how to use this steady state file “NK_baseline_steady_state.m” in the NK_baseline.mod?
Thank you!

It works through the naming. Whenever you run a mod-file, Dynare scans whether there is an m-file of the same name with an appended _steady_state.m in the same directory. If yes, Dynare will automatically use this file.