Update (in a loop) the initial parameters in dynare estimation

Dear all,

I’m trying to update the initial parameters in my estimation file (please find attached). In a for loop, I want to decrease the parameter values by 1% after every iteration, get the modes of the parameters and the fval and save them in the ith column of a matrix.

As I understand, I need to write the for loop in the estimation.mod file, first use the values in estimated_param_init block, estimate, get the mod file (xparam1 and fval), save them in the ith column of a matrix, and update estim_params_.param_vals to new values and reiterate.

Could you please guide me on this? I did my best to find a topic related to this one but did not succeed.

Any help is very much appreciated.

estimation.mod (3.5 KB)

Please provide the full file and the data and what you programmed so far.