Unexpected Name error message

I am running the attached code I am trying to figure what when wrong the actually review the code and see if there is a variable in the model block which I don’t declare either I am missing something or there is a real bug on my code

Hoping for anyone help or you can lead me to the path of resolution

Debt.mod (5.3 KB)

There is a semicolon missing after

phie_bar = 0.2500	// Target Inflation rate 

Thanks I am able to fix that error. Along the way i realize I have to add steady state equation to minimize residual with infinity error. However, upon running the revise code it gives me an error I am trying to understand why it is giving this error for a couple of days.

Undefined function or variable ‘Css’.
Error in DebtV2 (line 305)
MUss = (Css^(-gamha))((1-hab)^(-gamha))(1-hab*betha);
Error in dynare (line 235)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ; [DebtV2.mod|attachment]

DebtV2.mod (6.2 KB)

  1. In your definition of
MUss = (Css^(-gamha))*((1-hab)^(-gamha))*(1-hab*betha);

the Css is not defined.

  1. psi_a does not show up in the model.

This is related to the undefined function error. I try to uninstall and reinstall Dynare in hopes that it will fix the issue. I read some thread in the forum and it states that this is due to the function have complex roots. Do you have suggestion on how this can be fix?