Unexpected error, syntax, Name

Hi can somebody help me with this code.

I cannot understand what is wrong. I will highly appreciate your soonest replies.

I am also attaching the file.

NKmodel.mod (728 Bytes)

[quote]ERROR: NKmodel.mod:23.18: syntax error, unexpected NAME

As Dynare explicitly says: there is an error in line 23, column 18. A * is missing. Moreover, your steady state starting values are poor and Dynare can’t find the steady state.
NKmodel.mod (759 Bytes)

Thank you a lot. I just now begun to use dynare.

Can you please advice what’s the best for figuring out the s.s values ?? I have an example of this code that do not include any initial states. what do they do differently ?? Can i do the same ? I am attaching this code.

I will highly appreciate any response.
cgg.mod (1.6 KB)

The best way always is to compute the steady state by hand. In the attached mod-file, the model was log-linearized so that all SS values are 0. Hence, Dynare’s default initial values of 0 are sufficient. Note that in case of log-linearization you need to compute the SS values as they enter the parameters.