Typo on selec_posterior_draws.m dynare 6.0

Hi all,
I am using Dynare 6.0 (x86-64) with mac and
I think there is a typo in the function selec_posterior_draws.m. Specifically, in the line 149, the command
[dr,~,M_.params] = compute_decision_rules(M_,options_,oo_.dr, oo_.steady_state, oo_.exo_steady_state, oo_.exo_det_steady_state);
should be replaced with
[dr,~,M_.params] =compute_decision_rules(M_,options_,dr,endo_steady_state,exo_steady_state,exo_det_steady_state)
otherwise, whenever drsize is different from 0, you will get the error message
Unable to resolve the name ‘oo_.dr’.
I hope this is usefull
have a good day

Good catch. Do you maybe have a file to trigger the error?

Good morning,
attached the file. The function selec_posterior_draws is used in the mod file right after the estimation. If you set the drsize to a value different from zero, you will get the error I was mentioning.
prom_,model.zip (16.3 KB)

I hope this helps.

Thanks, but I mean an example where this part of the code is triggered internally in Dynare. In any case, a fix proposal is at

Ah ok
I do not have an example.
have a good day and thanks for everything