Typing in editor

Hi, I have used Dynare before (only a few times) and never had this problem but for some reason today I’ve been trying to type in the editor and it is not letting me type anything. I am confused because I can type in the command window so I know its not an external issue with my keyboard but I cannot edit any .mod files. I am wondering if maybe I need to reset everything or if I have accidentally done something so I cannot edit anything or even if I am in completely the wrong place and I am not supposed to edit my variables/equations in the .mod file in Dynare (it has been a while since I’ve used Dynare so perhaps I have forgotten some of the basics).

Thank you in advance for your help!

I am not sure I understand. Dynare does not come with a text editor. You need to use e.g. the one of Matlab.

Sorry let me try and re-explain, I have a file downloaded (.mod file) that I want to edit several of the numerical variables to see how the graphs change. I cannot seem to be able to type and change any of the variables though - I have double clicked on the .mod file while Matlab and Dynare are open and it won’t let me type in the Editor window that pops up so I was wondering how I go about editing my variables or equations? Like perhaps have I accidentally put a view only setting on and now can’t edit anything or am I opening the file up in the wrong place?

That seems to be a Matlab issue. Have you tried opening the file in a different editor, e.g. MS Word.

I am not sure how to open the file in another editor, how do I go about that?

Go to any text editor and simply use File-> Open on the mod-file. Or use Drag and Drop.