Trace Plots for Measurement Errors

Dear all,

After estimation, I want Dynare to generate the trace plots using the generate_trace_plots command. Dynare then loops through the posterior density, parameters and standard errors of structural shocks, but stops before the first measurement error. The error message reads:

Error using strmatch
Too many input arguments.

Error in name2index (line 90)
i = nvx + strmatch(name1, M_.endo_names{estim_params_.var_endo(:,1)}, ‘exact’);

Error in trace_plot (line 44)
column = name2index(options_, M_, estim_params_, type, name1);

Error in generate_trace_plots (line 55)
trace_plot(options_, M_, estim_params_, ‘MeasurementError’, chain_number, parameter_name)

Error in FD3.driver (line 830)

Error in dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

Now I searched the forum and found under this post Release of Dynare 4.5.1 that this was an error that was fixed in Dynare 4.5.1. I am using Dynare 4.6.1, is it possible that the bug has returned? Can anyone confirm this issue?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for reporting this. It’s a new bug. To fix it, see