Too many output arguments

I’m trying to write a SS file based on examples provided by dynare folder. But the following error message appears:

??? Error using ==> tese_steadystate_helper
Too many output arguments.

Error in ==> simul_teseMarcio_steadystate2 at 4
Error in ==> evaluate_steady_state_file at 54
[ys,params1,check] = h_steadystate(ys_init, exo_ss,

Error in ==> evaluate_steady_state at 58
[ys,params,info] =
evaluate_steady_state_file(ys_init,exo_ss,M, …

Error in ==> resol at 104
[dr.ys,M.params,info] =

Error in ==> check at 73
[dr,info,M,options,oo] = resol(1,M,options,oo);

Error in ==> simul_teseMarcio at 732
oo_.dr.eigval = check(M_,options_,oo_);

Error in ==> dynare at 180
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

How can I fix this problem?

Best, Márcio.
tese_steadystate_helper.m (5 KB)
simul_teseMarcio.mod (20.5 KB)

Your steady_state_helper has one output argument defined. But you try to assign this one value to


But, how can I assign each variable to a value calculated by fsolver function?

Call the function with the syntax you programmed:

Then do the assignments like e.g.