Too many input arguments

I know that this question has already been asked but I need a bit of time to get used to the website and find how to navigate.
Anyway, I try to run Gertler and Karadi’s model with a file downloaded from but this file doesn’t work. I’ve tried to run another file from the same website (Bailliu et al. model) and this one worked. I think it’s just a question of commands compatible or not with my dynare version.

f_KL.m (1.2 KB)
f_mom.m (1.1 KB)
f_simul.m (3.4 KB)
NK_GK11_rep.mod (10.8 KB)
NK_GK11_rep_steadystate.m (6.0 KB)

I’m using dynare 5.5.

The error is the following:

Error using NK_GK11_rep_steadystate
Too many input arguments.

Error in evaluate_steady_state_file (line 49)
[ys,params1,check] = h_steadystate(ys_init, exo_ss,M,options);

Error in evaluate_steady_state (line 254)
[ys,params,info] = evaluate_steady_state_file(ys_init,exo_ss,M, options,steadystate_check_flag);

Error in resol (line 77)
[dr.ys,M.params,info] = evaluate_steady_state(oo.steady_state,M,options,oo,~options.steadystate.nocheck);

Error in check (line 45)
[dr,info,M,~] = resol(1,M,options,oo);

Error in NK_GK11_rep.driver (line 571)
oo_.dr.eigval = check(M_,options_,oo_);

Error in dynare (line 281)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]);

To tell you what I try to do, I try to evaluate the effect of a zero lower bound period on credit.

Have a nice day

NK_GK11_rep_steadystate.m (6.7 KB)
f_mom.m (1.1 KB)
f_KL.m (1.2 KB)
f_simul.m (3.4 KB)
NK_GK11_rep.mod (10.8 KB)