Too many input arguments into steady state


I am trying to run the code of Darracq Pariès et al. (2011) using MATLAB R2014a with Dynare 5.4.

When running the model, I encounter the following error : Error using EA_DKR11_rep_steadystate Too many input arguments..

As suggested by MATLAB, I unsuccessully replaced :
function [ys,check] = EA_DKR11_rep_steadystate(ys,exe)
function [ys,check] = EA_DKR11_rep_steadystate(~,~)

Attached is the original replication package downloaded from the MMB website. (27.8 KB)

Note : I assigned a value to rho_P_D and got rid of the eval functions, being two errors encoutered previously with the orignal code.

I couldn’t find any detailed explanation of function [ys,check] on this forum or in the Dynare reference manual. Any help is welcomed. Thank you.

EA_DKR11_rep_steadystate.m (10.8 KB)
EA_DKR11_rep.mod (42.4 KB)
MDP_SS_omegssHH.m (459 Bytes)
MDP_SS_omegss.m (443 Bytes)

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Thank you Johannes. It works!