Tolx and tolf options with lmmcp in perfect foresight simulations


I have a question about using the lmmcp solver for a perfect foresight simulation.

Do options tolx and tolf work when using lmmcp? Related to that, which options can one modify when using the lmmcp solver?

Thank you very much.

At the current stage, Dynare does not feature an interface to any of the lmmcp options. tolx and tolf are not supported. If you want to alter the options. You need to edit lmmcp.m.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have a follow-up question. I have been checking the documentation and it does not specify whether lmmcp is also suitable for models without inequality conditions, although it seems to work for these kind of models too.

Is lmmcp also suitable for models without slackness conditions?

Thank you very much.

It should work without the constraints but should be quite inefficient. There are better solvers for standard problems.