There is an error in my steady state file

Dear Professor,
I’m working on a TANK-DSGE model, and in the process of running the code there is an “undefined function or variable” error, I checked some websites, and did not find a way to help me solve the problem, the specific mod file is as follows.
themodel.mod (11.5 KB)
We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

Maybe somethong wrong with your variables.
The viriable ‘Cas’ is offered in parameters, but uesd as ‘cas’ in the model. The value of ‘Iaks’ in parameter part is lossed and in the initival part, you use ‘IaKs’ instead of ‘Iaks’. The parameter ‘cbs’ also have this problem.
I think you should check the capital letter and small letter in the model.

Yes, the parameter initialization does not work. See Debugging parameter initializations and steady_state_model-blocks - YouTube