The steady state is complex?

Deal all, I attempt to use dynare for simulation but the problem come out like:
The steady state is complex (the sum of square residuals of imaginary parts of the steady state is 81.1131)
Any suggestion to help me overcome my issue is greatly appreciate. Thank you so much!
TryIRF_Benchmark.m (1.4 KB)
TryTry1.mod (7.0 KB)
Solve1.m (2.2 KB)
SolveAll1.m (2.5 KB)

You can verify that your Solve1.m returns complex values.

Yes. But I have no idea about how to deal with it. Professor jpfeifer, could you please give me a hint? Thank you so much!

Lgss is bigger than Lss leading to a negative capital stock.

Thank you for your reply! The parameter setting is wrong which leads Lgss bigger than Lss.Thanks so much!