The steady state contains NaN or Inf


I faced a problem when run a DSGE model with dynare, the error is “The steady state contains NaN or Inf”.
Can anybody help me to find out what’s the problem that i missed? I’ll very appreciate about that. Thank you.

mod file in attach.
bmwfinancial.mod (1.17 KB)

Your first and third equation contain a constant term that may not be correctly handled. All other equations imply steady states of 0.

Hi everyone,
can someone give me a hand? I built a model, I solved it analytically, however when I’m using the steady_state_model block, I have an error “the steady state contains NAN or inf”, while when I use the initval block Dynare finds the solution. I post the mod file. I have used the macroprocessor to switch from the steady state block to the initval block (you just have to replace 0 by 1).

Thanks in advance. fo_dy25.mod (2.7 KB)


You are calling the steady state file before having set L, which is therefore still 0.